Barre workout

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Leeftijd Volwassenen Dag Dinsdag Dagdeel Avond Datum 21-9-2021 Lestijd 18:00 - 18:55 (55 min) Locatie Schilderstraat 33
5211 NB, 's-Hertogenbosch

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 Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall
Puur Barre Workout
Hello, my name is Rebecca. Although I was born and bred in the US I have lived in The Netherlands now for 5 years. I am a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer. My Bachelor of Science degree is in Sports Medicine and I also have a post graduate certificate in BioMechanics. The Health and Fitness Industry has been my passion for over 25 years now. My classes are taught in English. I also specialize in injury rehabilitation. I look forward to meeting you this autumn! The Barre class is my very favorite type of class to teach - I've taught it now for 14 years. I trained in the US and London.
Hoe werkt het:
A Barre workout is rigorous and inspired by the elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. The ballet bar is used as a balance tool. During the workout, you will experience a combination of fast and slow movements using isometric training which pushes your muscles to their limit. It will increase your heart rate and make you sweat (a lot!) while also lengthening and toning every part of your body. It includes a warm-up, long barre section, upper body, abdominals, and a nice stretch at the end. This class will help you create a strong, fit, elegant, and flexible body. The workout is also done to exuberant music that will motivate you throughout the entire class. It is low-impact and meant for all ages. You will receive hands-on guidance from me during the class.
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